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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still moving.

Three days since the last sighting. Not much happening, aside from that cat trying to kill me. Will update if anything happens.



  1. Do NOT try to kill what is unkillable by you guys. Keep yourselves out of trouble! Do that, or I will come find you...

    And if he doesn't kill you, I will.




  2. Jack, you are saying that they will die either way, so why shouldn't they fight back? Simple logic, lay down and die for sure, or fight back and perhaps live.

  3. Firstly, I am Drew, hence the
    "~Drew" at the bottom.

    Secondly, there is a third option.


    Run and survive. This isn't a video game or a movie, there isn't a fun happy ending where the hero prevails or the villan dies.

    This is dangerous as fuck.

    If you run, you can live. Stay on the move. If there was a man with a gun following you, and you can't have a gun through some fucked up rules, what do you do?


    No, you run, you try to get away. There is no lying down.

    Only life and death.


  4. My apologies, Drew, I was simply addressing you by your user name, the name at the bottom escaped my notice. Next, I am quite disabled, so running really isn't an option. If one of the Breaks decided to walk into my home and eviscerate me, I would be unable to do more than hobble some ten feet before dying. I am fully aware that this is dangerous, though the term 'suicide mission' seems far more appropriate. Now, the metaphor involving the man with the gun, and where we collectively have no gun, I am unable to run, so why not fight? I, among others, am trying to discern a way to end the nightmare. If the choice is life or death, I choose death. Not my own, of course, and not the Runners, if it can be helped.

  5. Haha. I found it guys.
    Our "Vorpal Blade".

    Im going to try it out tonight.



  6. Wait, what weapon? How are you going to use it? Do you even know if it will work?

  7. Rose, Theo (and Prophet if you are with the aforementioned), where are you? Do you need more direction?