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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Ok, well, i think i have figgered out who was hacking The Hub. Prophet is back, and bastshit crazy as ever.


Monday, October 17, 2011


This whole "resistance" thing is getting some momentum. Who knows, maybe it will go somewhere.
Still not a word from Albus, and Prophet has either gone proxy or he is in trouble,  because he is posting weird shit on a bunch of blogs. One of them is a binary message which translates to:

"The End is Near. ????????? Will Be One of Us Soon"
TICSEOHES could be arranged as "Coethesis". Coethe is Albus's last name.

Can anyone figure this out?


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What the Hell?

All of the sudden, three blogs are working together to start an anti-///It/// army.

Ill be interested when "Prophet" can tell me where the fuck Albus is.
Fuck you Prophet.


Monday, October 3, 2011


Crazyness. Well, we have a new messiah, by the inconspicous name of "Prophet". He was the last person to have contacted Albus, and a former proxy of ///It/// at that. He is talking about forming what sounds like an organized military to fight against it. I think its a good idea, but people might be too afraid to try it.

See for yourself:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still moving.

Three days since the last sighting. Not much happening, aside from that cat trying to kill me. Will update if anything happens.


Monday, August 29, 2011


We drove through the night to get out of state, and ended up sleeping in the car. I awoke, only to see my second favorite faceless, tentacled being in the world, standing outside, watching me sleep. It stood there for about fifteen minutes, then i blacked out. Theo woke me up at dawn. Back to running.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


He killed two people. and left them on the doorstep. How thoughtful. We are leaving, so as not to endanger anyone else. But, we are delayed. We can't find that cat, and Rose insists we take her. Will update soon.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

No. Not happening.

We found ///(X)/// Scrawled on the dorm door. We have not seen him in two years. Please, let this be a prank by some idiot marble hornets fanboy.

A Whole new world.

Well. This has been an interesting evening, to say the least.

So, we met up with Rose, and after we talked for a bit, we have discovered something disturbing.
Something that will make this blog go in the opposite direction of it's original purpose.
This blog was supposed to be something that distracted us from the horrors that we face, to make us feel happy and care-free. (at least as care-free as a college student can be.)     We wanted to forget, to ignore.                                                     

Well, i should probably start from the beginning.

 Before i met Theo, i had no friends. I was bullied to the point of clinical depression. The fact that i had a sadist for an older brother didn't help. My other brother, Seth, was not like this, but he was weak and sickly from a cancer that has ravaged his body as an infant. My parents died before i could even walk, so no help there. Then i met Theodore Deavreaux. He was like me, a friendless, yet highly intelligent person.
We became the best of friends, and have been inseparable ever since.

Now for the bad stuff.

We realized early on that we were different from other people. Theo could.... see and do things that were impossible. I could tell what a person was feeling, without them saying anything, or tell if they were telling the truth or not. The one person who was an exception to this (well, until today.) was Theo.

Another thing we noticed was that we had a shared-boogeyman of sorts. We had both seen him as far as we could remember, always coming at night, or when there was no one else around. At times, he would appear in the distance, and we would point him out to others, but they seemed to be unable to see him. He was tall, wearing a black business suit, with a tie that was either red or black, and he was pale, and appeared to be faceless. Sometimes, when we were little, he would speak to us, without a mouth. Creepy, i know. He would tell us that people would die, and soon, those people appeared on the news, found dead either in the woods, or in their homes. These people were killed.... in the most brutal way i can imagine. First, they were skinned, and then cut up, and put into several trash bags. those found in the woods had their skins in the tree, like some horrific kite blown there by the wind, and the bags were hung by the branches.We soon figured out that "The tall guy" was doing this. Once, when were bout ten, he approached us in the park. Theo... it's hard to describe.... he threw something i couldn't see at the thing. A noise like a thousand people screaming assaulted my eardrums, and these tentacles erupted from it's back, flinging us several feet away. but these tentacles looked.. wrong somehow. They were bent at odd angles, and were different from the ones we had seen him use before. Soon afterwards, we realized that he had looked different from how he had in the past, and Theo said he felt different. As we were discussing this, he came back. But he seemed normal. We asked him why, and he said he didn't do it. Weird, how we just believed him. We described the incident to him, and he got real mad, and took off. We heard the screaming noise again that night. ever since, we have not seen the original, only the bent, wrong one. He has attacked us numerous times. When i was 15, he killed Seth. We didn't see it happen, but it was obvious who had done it. Kyle grew emotionally distant, and he left a few months after it happened. I have not seen nor heard from him since.

Anyway, Back to the present. after talking to Rose, we have learned that she has been stalked by the same entity(s?) her whole life as well. And then there is the matter of her cat. Apparently, she has had this cat since she was 3 years old. she is 19. And the cat looks no older than 2 or 3 years. Well, i have had stranger things happen. After you have read this, you will probably realize the thing i described is startingly similar to "slenderman". Yes, it is him. Might as well say it now.

Rose will now regularly be posting on here.


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well, a cat showed up today. Tag says "Lo". Going to post up signs around campus.


Hi there.

So. Albus actually did it.. Haha. Well, this blog is for us to share our artistic visions to the world. We are both students at PCC. Albus is hoping to become an author of messianic proportions, while i am an art student. you probably wont see much of my stuff up here...



Well then. So, this is my blog. But you probably knew that already. And it's not strictly mine, as i also share it with my partner in crime, Theo Devreaux. As to what the purpose of this blog is, only time will tell.

Cheers, Stumpy. (Albus Coethe.)